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Is it better to open an underwear store or join a brand?
2020-4-3    Total: 481 Views
In recent years, opening a lingerie store has been a popular way to start a business. This is because the profits of lingerie products are relatively high, the lingerie store is also easy to operate, and the cost of opening a store is relatively low compared to other entrepreneurial projects. We know that opening underwear stores can be divided into two types: franchise opening and independent opening. So, which form is better for investors to choose? Next, the editor will analyze it for everyone.
What materials are mainly used for underwear?
2020-3-27    Total: 305 Views
There are mainly two kinds of materials used for making underwear: natural and artificial. Fabrics made of natural materials can be divided into silk, cotton, hemp, etc., silk has a soft touch, good dyeing effect, pure color, has the characteristics of warm winter and cool summer, good sweat absorption and breathability, followed by cotton, cotton underwear Good ventilation and thermal insulation. Artificial materials can be divided into man-made fibers such as nylon and polyester yarn. Their characteristics are durable, easy to wash and dry quickly, and are not wrinkled.
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