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Different chest types if you choose underwear
2020-5-28    Total: 410 Views
There are a variety of underwear styles, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Women tend to choose because of different factors such as color, lace, discount, etc., and thus ignore the problem of their chest shape. Different chest types should wear different styles of underwear. Sometimes you find that the smaller your chest crosses, or the chest is suffocated, the overwhelming reason is the wrong underwear. Because the shape of the breast determines the cup, width, shape and thickness of the underwear you choose.
Underwear fabric selection
2020-5-28    Total: 391 Views
Underwear is close to the skin and is called the "second skin" of women. High-quality underwear fabrics bring gentle care to the skin, while inferior fabrics are a heavy burden and injury, so the choice of fabrics is particularly important. The following will popularize the knowledge of underwear fabrics for everyone.
What kind of underwear should you buy
2020-5-28    Total: 346 Views
According to data released by the World Health Organization: In recent years, the rate of female breast diseases has been increasing, and 80% of patients with breast diseases have the same characteristic, that is, their underwear is not suitable for wearing.
Why did the underwear run for a long time?
2020-5-28    Total: 348 Views
Many women will encounter a problem when wearing underwear: underwear will always run up! Such a problem is really embarrassing. Why does underwear run up? How should such a situation be avoided?
Why does Cui Xueli advocate
2020-4-3    Total: 365 Views
Cui Xueli made her debut as a member of the Korean girl group f(x). She was very popular because of her pure looks, and she was also called the "pocket sister".
Underwear size reference
2020-3-27    Total: 310 Views
The size of the bra is the size of the underwear. There are four types of ABCD in the bra size comparison table. Of course D is the largest in ABCD.
How should women choose underwear that suits them?
2018-10-20    Total: 562 Views
Underwear is a must-have for every girl, but how should underwear be worn more comfortably? Let’s take a look.
What to do if underwear is uncomfortable?
2018-10-20    Total: 787 Views
Underwear is each girl's personal clothing. If you want to wear it comfortably, you must find out why it is uncomfortable, and master its correct way of wearing. So why is it uncomfortable to wear underwear? How to wear it correctly?
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