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How should women choose underwear that suits them?
News Source:BraHome    2018-10-20    Total: 511 Views
Underwear is a must-have for every girl, but how should underwear be worn more comfortably? Let’s take a look.
What to do if underwear is uncomfortable?
News Source:Internet    2018-10-20    Total: 737 Views
Underwear is each girl's personal clothing. If you want to wear it comfortably, you must find out why it is uncomfortable, and master its correct way of wearing. So why is it uncomfortable to wear und
What materials are mainly used for underwear?
News Source:brahome    2020-3-27    Total: 250 Views
There are mainly two kinds of materials used for making underwear: natural and artificial. Fabrics made of natural materials can be divided into silk, cotton, hemp, etc., silk has a soft touch, good d
Underwear size reference
News Source:Internet    2020-3-27    Total: 241 Views
The size of the bra is the size of the underwear. There are four types of ABCD in the bra size comparison table. Of course D is the largest in ABCD.
The color of the underwear reflects the character of the woman, 90% accurate!
News Source:Internet    2020-3-27    Total: 296 Views
It is said that the color preference in women's dressing collocation can reveal a person's personality, and underwear as a very private item for women, from the color preference of underwear, can more
Why does Cui Xueli advocate
News Source:Brahome    2020-4-3    Total: 298 Views
Cui Xueli made her debut as a member of the Korean girl group f(x). She was very popular because of her pure looks, and she was also called the "pocket sister".
Is it better to open an underwear store or join a brand?
News Source:Internet    2020-4-3    Total: 389 Views
In recent years, opening a lingerie store has been a popular way to start a business. This is because the profits of lingerie products are relatively high, the lingerie store is also easy to operate,
What do I need to do before opening an underwear store?
News Source:BraHome    2020-4-3    Total: 333 Views
With the improvement of women's economic ability and the change of health concept, the demand for underwear in the domestic market is gradually rising, entering the underwear market, with less investm
Will you wear underwear correctly?
News Source:Internet    2020-4-3    Total: 325 Views
A. Wearing a bra, when the hand is raised, does the lower part of the bra also lift up?B. When standing in a bra, is the center of the chest open and empty?
Underwear store underwear display tips
News Source:Internet    2020-4-3    Total: 353 Views
With the prosperous development of the underwear industry, the competition of underwear stores is becoming more and more fierce. If you want to be invincible in the competition, in addition to choosin
Underwear maintenance methods
News Source:BraHome    2020-4-11    Total: 314 Views
Underwear is expensive as the "second skin" of the body. This is the reason that every modern woman who pays attention to the quality of life understands well. If you do not take good care and mainten
Why did the underwear run for a long time?
News Source:BraHome    2020-5-28    Total: 272 Views
Many women will encounter a problem when wearing underwear: underwear will always run up! Such a problem is really embarrassing. Why does underwear run up? How should such a situation be avoided?
What kind of underwear should you buy
News Source:Internet    2020-5-28    Total: 260 Views
According to data released by the World Health Organization: In recent years, the rate of female breast diseases has been increasing, and 80% of patients with breast diseases have the same characteris
Underwear fabric selection
News Source:BraHome    2020-5-28    Total: 290 Views
Underwear is close to the skin and is called the "second skin" of women. High-quality underwear fabrics bring gentle care to the skin, while inferior fabrics are a heavy burden and injury, so the choi
Different chest types if you choose underwear
News Source:BraHome    2020-5-28    Total: 302 Views
There are a variety of underwear styles, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Women tend to choose because of different factors such as color, lace, discount, etc., and thus ignore the problem
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