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There are four problems with wearing underwear:
A. Wearing a bra, when the hand is raised, does the lower part of the bra also lift up?
B. When standing in a bra, is the center of the chest open and empty?
C. Is there any fat on the outside of the cup and shoulder strap?
D. Shoulder straps are embedded in the shoulder meat. Is the lower circumference of the bra higher than the lower circumference of the chest?
If one of the above four items matches, it means that you are wearing the bra the wrong way. Hurry up and correct it!

The correct way to wear:
1. Put the shoulder strap on the shoulder, lean forward slightly to support the steel ring under the bra;
2. Insert the breasts on both sides into the cup, the upper body is still at 45 degrees, buckle the buckle, and the fat on the armpits and back are inserted into the cup;
3. Adjust the length of the shoulder strap, don't tightly fit the meat on the shoulder, the elasticity that can be reached into one finger is the most suitable, then raise the hand to see if the lower circumference of the bra slides up;
4. Extend your hand into the cup, pull in the surrounding fat, and then flatten the sides of the bra;
5. Finally, grasp the back buckle and pull down, then adjust it a little bit, whichever is most comfortable, and see if any part bulges;

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