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  With the improvement of women's economic ability and the change of health concept, the demand for underwear in the domestic market is gradually rising, entering the underwear market, with less investment and less risk, and considerable profit, so more and more small and medium-sized investment entrepreneurs have chosen to open underwear shop.

  What is the process of opening an underwear store? Especially for newbies, what do you need to do before you open a store? Today, Olinya Bamboo Fiber Underwear joined the headquarters to share with you the process of opening an underwear store:

   1. Early market investigation
The purpose of  is to understand whether the local underwear market is saturated, so as to judge the local per capita consumption power and potential competition. In the early stage, investors need to invest great care and patience.

   2. Capital budget preparation

   Many customers do not know how much capital is needed to open a lingerie store, nor how much capital should be prepared. Hunan Oulinya Underwear Headquarters recommends that many friends who are not familiar with the first venture can start from a small store, with an investment amount of 30,000 to 50,000, and at the same time additional rent investment, decoration investment, etc. The investment in the early stage is to accumulate power. If you do well, you can continue to increase investment in the later stage to improve the underwear capacity and profit.

   3. Confirmation of franchise brand

  Choose the right franchise brand is a powerful guarantee for your success in joining, reducing your unnecessary investment and risk. In the early stage, it is best to examine the specific conditions of the franchise brand and whether it has a certain brand accumulation and brand underwear quality, as well as the company's comprehensive technical training and after-sales service.

   For example, Olinya Bamboo Fiber Underwear is one of the few bamboo fiber health brand underwears. Its product style is far ahead, and it has won many design awards throughout the country. The company has a 15-year-old brand accumulation since its establishment. For franchisee companies with zero experience, it provides free store guidance, hands-on teaching, and a perfect after-sales support system to support new franchisees.

   4. Opening preparation
   1. Store location
   To open an underwear store, you must consider the business district and the flow of people when choosing a location. The location of the underwear store is the key to the success of the underwear store business. Therefore, when you do the preparatory work for opening an underwear store, you must think hard.
   2. The first batch of goods and store decoration
  When purchasing goods, you must have a unique vision. According to the local consumption habits and preferences surveyed in the previous period, you should decide which ones should be increased. Those ones are only used as auxiliary funds.

  Fully renovate the store according to the storefront decoration drawings of the affiliated lingerie brand Olinya Design Headquarters. After the store is renovated, you can conduct a trial operation under the guidance of the staff and prepare to open the store.

  It is very important to open a underwear store mentality. The underwear store is a persistent industry, not an industry that will immediately become rich. Therefore, with good underwear technology and brand support, lasting perseverance will only be able to see the moon.

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