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  In recent years, opening a lingerie store has been a popular way to start a business. This is because the profits of lingerie products are relatively high, the lingerie store is also easy to operate, and the cost of opening a store is relatively low compared to other entrepreneurial projects. We know that opening underwear stores can be divided into two types: franchise opening and independent opening. So, which form is better for investors to choose? Next, the editor will analyze it for everyone.

  What is an independent store? To put it simply, the individual investors start from scratch, from site selection to brand selection, from decoration planning to trial operation, from formal business to post-marketing, all of which are completed by one person. This process is complicated and lengthy. Economic consumption is also relatively large. Self-employment is often more suitable for investors with strong financial ability and risk tolerance.

  Of course, there is also a relatively obvious advantage of self-employment, that is, a higher degree of freedom. Whether in terms of product selection, store decoration style, or business strategy, investors can make decisions based on personal preferences, regardless of the requirements of other parties. Joining entrepreneurship may be restricted to a certain extent in terms of freedom.

  What is joining a business? As the name suggests, investors are looking for a strong brand and applying to become a franchisee of the brand. Investors can have zero experience, because the headquarters will provide a complete business model, personnel training, and later marketing promotion. After investors become real brand franchisees, they can also use the image, brand, reputation, etc. of the headquarters to attract consumers. Before starting a business, the brand side will also teach its own experience to franchisees and provide a full range of franchise support. Here, we take the example of joining the lingerie, let everyone understand what aspects of the franchise brand can provide investors support.

  First of all, once the investor chooses to join the boudoir underwear and signs a formal franchise contract with the boudoir, the boudoir underwear company can provide early training for new franchisees, which is different from the batch and centralized training services of some other platforms. , Girlfriends underwear can provide customized training services for investors. Before the formal establishment of the store, the girlfriends will assign professional market personnel to accompany the investors to conduct market inspection and site selection, and combine various inspection information to carry out product layout.

  In addition to providing all-round help and support for investors before opening a store, after the official business, the girlfriends will also assign professional market personnel to guide the investors in the store, so that investors can master more and more comprehensive Business knowledge and skills. In the future, the business process will also be smoother.

  Is it better to open an internal store or start a business? Analysis shows that the advantages of joining a business are more. For some people who have no entrepreneurial experience and relatively weak economic strength, it is more suitable to choose entrepreneurship to join. Of course, if you want to ensure success, you have to choose a well-known and powerful brand such as boudoir.

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