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Cui Xueli made her debut as a member of the Korean girl group f(x). She was very popular because of her pure looks, and she was also called the "pocket sister".

I just didn't expect that after she suddenly announced her retirement in 2015, she changed her cute style and often produced controversial photos. Her word of mouth has also changed dramatically.

There are many tags on Cui Xueli today, such as "irresponsible", "do not wear underwear", "free self", "bo attention", "selling people", etc., basically not very pleasant.

Of all the controversies, the most talked about is naturally Cui Xueli's "NO BRA" attitude. From the photos she often photographed, whether at home or going out with friends, most of the time she was in the state of "NO BRA".

Recently, when recording a variety show, Shirley responded to the question of not wearing underwear for the first time, and talked about the reasons for not wearing underwear.

Cui Xueli said that she thinks that underwear is just a kind of "decoration", not wearing underwear is not a vulgar performance, but to make yourself more comfortable. There are steel rings inside the underwear, which is harmful to health and may even cause indigestion.

Shirley said that she wanted to break the public's inherent thinking and told everyone through action that it was good not to wear underwear. She also said, "Everyone can relax their mindset and don't be biased about this matter." As soon as it came out, not only the female guests were somewhat inexplicable, but even the male guests present were quite surprised and embarrassed.

After the program was broadcast, it was mixed on the Internet. Some people think that it is Cui Xueli's freedom to wear underwear. Netizens do not have to interfere and pay attention and interfere; others hold the opposite opinion, thinking that Shirley, as a public figure, should pay attention to her image.

In fact, not only Shirley, but many women in Europe and the United States are slowly beginning to abandon underwear. Some time ago, the Warsaw of the MAMAMOO group also appeared in the airport as "NO BRA", which also proves that there are other female stars who agree with Shirley's point of view.

In fact, Shirley's attitude towards "NO BRA" does make sense. For women, wearing underwear does have a sense of uncomfortable bondage. Many people ask women to wear underwear because they think it is indecent to not wear underwear, which is actually prejudiced. Assuming that not wearing underwear is a vulgar behavior, why not require men to wear a base coat in their clothes?

When the gun hits the head bird, Shirley chooses to stand up first to support "NO BRA", naturally under pressure from many aspects. However, I have to admit that Shirley is indeed a full-featured female artist

Since her debut, she has always been on the route of "national sister". When her personal settings have been finalized, she directly "destroys" her own. Such unruly willfulness is very rare in the entire entertainment circle.

Although Shirley explained her "NO BRA" behavior, many netizens also said that her reputation has been declining, not only because she is not wearing underwear, but also because of some self-flying behavior.

In fact, since she withdrew from the group, Shirley's style has changed suddenly. For example, she has disclosed her relationship with Cui Zi, and she has also photographed the kisses of the two.

In addition to uploading some bold and bold photos, Shirley also made many "wonderful" behaviors. For example, if you dye your eyebrows white, you will be vomited like an alien; live broadcast of your drunkenness, using the restaurant as a bar, and dancing in the restaurant; for example, when grilling eel, voice the eel "I am going to die" "Save me," "Save me," and so on, give everyone a knot to tie the cherry stems with your tongue, etc.

After making a lot of actions that are not understood by the public, she seems to have become the focus of everyone, and every move has received much attention. Even on weekdays, even if she simply took photos, she will immediately appear on the hot search list, and then be continuously enlarged and accused.

Despite being controversial and accused, her popularity has remained high, and even many big-name "darlings" have become spokespersons for Estee Lauder and SKII Korea for several years in a row. After all, black and red are also red.

Recently, she seems to be back on track. Not only did she not upload photos of "flying herself", she also issued her personal single for a long time and participated in the recording of variety shows. On the show, she explained what she had been misunderstood by netizens in the past. It seemed that she wanted to start her career again? So next, will we see a Shirley gradually returning to normal?

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