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There are a variety of underwear styles, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Women tend to choose because of different factors such as color, lace, discount, etc., and thus ignore the problem of their chest shape. Different chest types should wear different styles of underwear. Sometimes you find that the smaller your chest crosses, or the chest is suffocated, the overwhelming reason is the wrong underwear. Because the shape of the breast determines the cup, width, shape and thickness of the underwear you choose. Expert research has found that the female breast types of the world are divided into seven different types. So, how to choose underwear correctly for these seven shapes of breasts?

① east-west chest

What is it: The shape of the chest is toward the torso that tends to the outside, but it is empty in the center of the chest.

What to wear: A T-shirt bra will meet your needs, and 1/2 or 3/4 cups are best. The so-called T-shirt bra is actually the most common, simplest and most CK one-piece underwear. It is more comfortable and does not squeeze or shape the chest excessively. This is especially suitable for east-west chests, especially small breasts. It is also versatile and suitable for almost all outerwear.

② Extended chest shape

What it is: This type of chest is often fuller, the chest is still on both sides of the body, but it exceeds the east-west chest shape.

What to wear: The gathered underwear is the best choice, which will help to bring the breasts together. 1/2 cups are best.

③ spherical chest shape
What is it: The whole breast is like two balls, and the top and bottom are also complete.
What to wear: Unlined underwear. Because this type of breast is almost perfect, do not gather together, so unlined underwear is just right! 1/2 or 3/4 cups are best.

This kind of sexy underwear may be designed for almost perfect breast shape. No lining means that your chest does not need support and shaping. This kind of underwear is especially suitable for summer, the big breasted girl cool summer gospel. But there is a disadvantage of this kind of underwear is that excessively thin underwear (only a layer of yarn) may be dew point, so not only to try underwear before buying, but also to wear a coat to try.

④ Sagging chest type

What it is: This type is familiar to us all. The S-shaped curve is not very obvious. The chest is only fuller at the lower end.
What to wear: full cup, this shape is normally full of breasts, full cup underwear can help improve the chest line. 3/4 cups are best.

Sagging breasts must remember the choice of their underwear, can not be lazy, winter clothes are too thick to wear in underwear can not be sloppy or even not wearing, this is a major reason for sagging chest. The underwear of the full cup has a good lifting effect. If the chest is drooping seriously, you can choose a suitable adjustment underwear. Girls with slightly larger breasts, try to choose underwear with wide shoulder straps!

⑤ left and right chest asymmetric type

What is it: The breasts on both sides may be asymmetrical or different in size and shape.
What to wear: underwear with inserts. If the size difference between the two breasts is large enough, you can use one with inserts, but the other without underwear to meet. 1/2 cups are best.

⑥ little breasted girls look here!

What is it: Although there is no strict small breasts, if your breasts are longer than wide, then it must be suitable for this type.
What to wear: The gathered type is your best choice. Compared to the thick cotton inner liner, deep V gather underwear is more recommended. 1/2 cups are best.

Compared with the ordinary gathered underwear, this underwear fits the chest design of the small breasted girl more, the most important thing is that it is not too thick and the lining is not hot, and can wear a V-neck in summer.

⑦ Wang (mei) type chest

What it is: The shape is teardrop, the bottom is slightly protruding, which is the kind that men and women love.

What to wear: almost any style. 1/2 or 3/4 cups are best.

The chest is the second face of a woman. Incorrect selection of underwear will greatly affect the shape of the breast, causing it to sag and other aesthetic problems. In severe cases, it will oppress the breast and cause breast disease. Seeing this, do you dare to choose underwear unreasonably?
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