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  Underwear is close to the skin and is called the "second skin" of women. High-quality underwear fabrics bring gentle care to the skin, while inferior fabrics are a heavy burden and injury, so the choice of fabrics is particularly important. The following will popularize the knowledge of underwear fabrics for everyone.

  Underwear fabrics are basically divided into two categories: natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics are divided into plant fiber (cotton, hemp and other natural fibers) fabrics and animal fiber fabrics. Animal fiber fabrics are further divided into hair (wool, rabbit hair, etc.) fabrics and secretions (mulberry silk, tussah silk, etc.). Natural fibers are basically applied to the body parts of underwear. Due to the limitations of natural fibers, synthetic fiber fabrics (polyester, nylon, spandex) are now used in underwear. Here are four common underwear fabrics.

1. Cotton
Sweat, breathable, strong warmth, easy to dye and print. In recent years, manufacturers like to blend cotton and various fibers. The chemical fiber is added to the cotton, suitable for adjusting underwear, not only breathable, but also has the effect of support. But cotton is easy to fade, and is susceptible to mold and beetle attack. After encountering water, the size of cotton shrinks or becomes larger, the stretch elasticity is poor and it is easy to wrinkle. Khanic acid also reduces the strength of cotton and turns yellow. Cotton is easy to fatigue and deform, and is not easy to volatilize after absorbing sweat. Due to these objective disadvantages, cotton cannot be used in the ultrasonic process of underwear, only nylon and spandex.

2. Silk
Touch and material are excellent, not static electricity, but also sweat-absorbing and breathable. The only disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean. You must scrub gently or dry clean with your hands when washing. Velvet is elegant and luxurious, with a natural slippery feel. If decorated with French lace or Swiss embroidery and velvet, it can achieve a very gorgeous effect.

3. Leica
Lycra is a high-quality spandex, which is a registered trademark of high-quality elastic fibers developed by the former DuPont company in the United States. Lycra can be stretched up to 4-7 times, and can be completely restored to its original state, with little restraint on people. Lycra can be used with any fabric, but cannot be woven into fabric alone. Because the characteristics of Lycra itself are elasticity, comfort and support, it makes the fabric have extraordinary resilience. When used in underwear, it not only makes the underwear more elastic, more close-fitting, the upper body effect is more comfortable and beautiful, not easy to deform, not easy to appear Wrinkles, etc., also have a fine and smooth texture.

4. Modal
Modal is a fiber made of natural wood or other materials by spinning. Because the fiber itself and the materials used in the production process can be recycled, it is a new era environmentally friendly product, also known as regenerated cellulose fiber. It is breathable and hygroscopic, and its soft, refreshing and delicate characteristics make the fabric smooth and silky, extremely comfortable to wear, and not easy to fade after repeated washing. However, it is easy to pilling, has poor shape retention and wear resistance, and has strong flammability.

5. Nylon
Nylon, the scientific name of polyamide, is also commonly known as nylon fiber in life. Nylon is made by pulling nylon material into very fine fibers and then weaving cloth. According to different nylon materials, nylon 6 and nylon 66 are common. The elasticity and elastic recovery of the nylon fabric are excellent. Its abrasion resistance ranks first among all kinds of fabrics, and it is many times higher than other fiber fabrics of similar products, so it has excellent durability. And the hygroscopicity of nylon fabric is a better variety among synthetic fiber fabrics, so clothing made of nylon is very comfortable to wear.

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