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Underwear is expensive as the "second skin" of the body. This is the reason that every modern woman who pays attention to the quality of life understands well. If you do not take good care and maintenance, how to make it reflect the function of "body protection"? You have been pretentious and savvy. You may be very expert in buying underwear and choosing styles. For underwear maintenance, you are also good at it. Still don't know anything? Today, let Qiansili teach you how to maintain underwear!

Ⅰ. washing

1. Washing powder/washing agent should not be directly attached to underwear: when used in combination with fluorescent bleaching, it will cause uneven color, discoloration or discoloration. Dissolve the washing agent in water before putting the underwear on Into. In addition, the use of bleach can make the quality of underwear mildew and discoloration, should be avoided.

 2. Wash in the shortest time possible: 3 minutes is enough for washing in the washing machine. Long-term washing will easily cause the underwear to change color or dye.

3. Silk underwear washing method: Although silk clothing is soft and shiny, it is easy to wrinkle, shrink and be damaged by sunlight, so it is appropriate to use a neutral lotion and wash it by hand, then dry it with a towel and dry it flat.

4. Dark and white or light-colored underwear must be washed separately: during machine washing, white and light-colored underwear must be separated; when washing by hand, it should be washed from light to dark, such as washing white first, then washing light colors, and finally washing deep color. Secondly, underwear with less dirt should be washed first, and underwear with more dirt should be placed before washing.

5. The zipper part must be closed: the whole body with a zipper must be pulled up when cleaning. The bust of the movable shoulder strap (that is, the bust that can be used without a shoulder strap) is best to first move the shoulder Take out and wash separately.

6. Underwear with soft loops and zippers must be washed by hand: if excessive force is applied during hand washing, the clothes may be easily deformed. It is best to use the "pressure washing method" and "rubbing washing method" for washing.

7. The underwear placed in the laundry net is limited to half: Since ordinary underwear uses softer and slimmer materials, it should be washed in the laundry net according to the label instructions when washing, but you must pay attention to the underwear The underwear must be limited to half of the laundry net.

8. At least two laundry nets should be used separately: the purpose is to separate clothes with metal or soft circles and clothes without soft circles to avoid damage to other clothes. In case of deformation of the soft ring, carefully rub back the original shape with your hands. Do not use force to change it back to its original state. The main point is to make it return to its original shape slowly.

9. Machine wash (drying) for 30 seconds: underwear is placed in the original laundry net to dry (dehydrate) and then wrapped in a dry towel, squeezed by hand to make the moisture absorbed by the towel. If the water is directly twisted with both hands, it is easy to wrinkle and damage the material of the underwear.

Ⅱ drying

1. After washing, gently squeeze by hand or wrap the underwear with a towel to absorb the water, shake it a few times, flatten it, try to smooth out the wrinkles, clamp the place where there is no elasticity with a clip, and hang it upside down. (The lace of the bra sinks down and piles up after soaking in water. It is hard to see after drying, so it should be hung upside down in a ventilated place to dry

2. After washing, it should be dried immediately to avoid wrinkling and fading for a long time under wet conditions.

3. The direct sunlight is the cause of the bra's yellowing, fading, and weakening of the fabric. The indoor heating will also cause yellowing. Please avoid it.

Ⅲ Storage

1. Underwear is the clothing closest to the body, first of all, pay attention to cleaning. Dirt not only means not clean, but also affects the ventilation, moisture absorption and softness of the fabric, causing damage to the fabric.

2. At the time of purchase, if you have underwear you like, buy a little more and use them alternately, the life of each piece of underwear can be longer. High-end or high-priced products are sometimes only beautiful but not necessarily durable. Careful care can maintain its advantages.

3. The material of underwear is mostly thin and slender. Do not use excessive force when wearing and taking off. Also, pay attention to the nails and do not scratch the fibers. When putting on and taking off underwear, also be careful not to put foundation and lipstick on the underwear.

4. When storing the underwear for a long time, you can carefully stack them one by one, or the cup and the cup can be folded, as long as the original chest shape is not damaged. The thickest lining is placed on it, and it is folded down in order to prevent the thick lining underwear from being deformed by heavy pressure, and the thin lining underwear has no worry about deformation.

5. When storing underwear, it is recommended to store it separately from other clothes, and do not forget to put in a dehumidifier or some desiccant. In addition, let me tell you a little remedy: drop a few drops of perfume on a small piece of cloth, or put the remaining perfume bottles in the cabinet, one can repel insects, and the other can fill the clothes with a faint perfume smell.

6. The secret to prevent underwear deformation: In order to maintain the beautiful shape of the delicate bra, try not to use the washing machine to wash. To wash with cold water and mild detergent, you can also wash by hand.

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