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With the prosperous development of the underwear industry, the competition of underwear stores is becoming more and more fierce. If you want to be invincible in the competition, in addition to choosing the right brand, choosing the store location, doing good store management, and doing shopping guide training, Product display is also a top priority. If you want to make your underwear shop stand out and attract customers, you must at least know these six display skills:

1. Theme display: set a theme for the brand

  Themes should be changed frequently to meet the needs of seasons or special events. It can create a unique atmosphere for underwear stores, attract customers' attention, and then play a role in promoting product sales.

   For example, when a new product is just launched, you can make a small brand and write: New product is launched! And give these products a theme name, such as: flower fairy, queen, etc., which are nice and conform to the characteristics of the product.

  On the arrival of large-scale holidays or celebrations, we can produce targeted promotional materials, such as "Welcome some XX products from 38 yuan", "50% off all products" and so on. The main purpose is to let customers know at a glance and be attracted at a glance.

2. Overall display: The whole set of products will be completely displayed to customers

   For example, take a whole set of underwear as a whole, use the model to complete the display from head to toe, the display form can make an overall vision for the customer, to facilitate the customer's purchase.

   This is very suitable for swimsuits in summer and body and warm suits in autumn and winter. Displaying a complete set of products on the model is more holistic and attractive, and it is easier to stimulate customers' desire to buy.

3. Neat display: According to the size of the shelf, the products are neatly arranged on the shelf

   Highlights the sense of quantity of products, thereby giving customers a stimulus. The neatly displayed products are usually those that the store wants to sell to customers in large quantities, or because of seasonal factors.

  For example, seamless body suits, warm suits and some boxed underwear in autumn and winter are more suitable for neatly placed on the shelves.

4. Random display: randomly pile up the goods, showing a messy feeling

   It is mainly suitable for displaying special products, in order to give customers the impression that "special products are super value products".

  Using the random display method, floats are often used, and at the same time, a notice board indicating special sales must be placed in front of or on the floats. Random display gives people a more messy feeling, but it also gives the impression of a good business, but random does not mean that they are arranged randomly, and that messy also has a messy aesthetic, otherwise it will be no different from a bulk store.

5. Associated display: display different kinds of complementary underwear products together

  Using the complementarity between the products, customers can purchase the next product after purchasing a certain product.

  It can diversify the overall display of the specialty store, and also increase the probability of customers buying goods. The principle it uses is that the products must be complementary. To break the product category and express the actual needs of consumers in life, for example, bras and home wear can be displayed in this way.

6. Classified display: display according to the quality, performance, characteristics and objects of use

   It is convenient for customers to choose and compare between different suits, quality, price, and age. The product display method can facilitate various types of customers to choose, which is conducive to selling products faster.

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